Bashir Riaz

I first met Senator Gulzar Ahmed Khan in 1986. He was a close associate as well as adviser to Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto. During those times when ever Mohtrama was in Lahore, she stayed at Gulzar House. Mohtrama developed close relationship with Khan Sahib’s family. Because Mohtrama was permanently residing at Gulzar House when in Lahore, Gulzar House became the centre of the PPP activities. Because of this Gulzar House became famous not only within Pakistan but also internationally because Mohtrama had her press conferences as well interviews with foreign journalists while she stayed here. In time Gulzar Khan Sahib became an increasing important part of PPP political establishment and his influence within the party kept on increasing. In 1996 when Farooq Leghari dismissed Mohtrama’s government, Mohtrama along with her children stayed in Gulzar Khan Sahib’s residence in Islamabad. Gulzar Ahmed Khan is a shining example of an honourable tradition in politics based upon mutual respect, loyalty and conciliation.