Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao

Senator Gulzar Ahmed Khan was an honourable and judicious person. He was both a close friend and a colleague. In our political lives we spent difficult times together and we both were successful in our endeavours. Both of us were companions of Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto for many years. The hard work he put in support of the party is extremely commendable. In Pakistan he established the politics of propriety and righteousness. He was a person of few words when one spoke to him they found him to be a person of great knowledge. He was well aware of the finer points of politics and realised the importance of the upper house of parliament. For this reason he played a proper role in the senate. Very often due to his efforts, opposite sides were able to move together in a conciliatory fashion. I believe that the history of the Peoples Party and the political history of Pakistan are incomplete without mention of Gulzar Khan. He will always be remembered as a parliamentarian.